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The Fourth China Xingan leather bags Festival

02 Dec 2015 -
Date of November 18, The Fourth China Xingan (International) leather bags Festival in Xingan County, Jiangxi Province. President of bags associations from across the country, E-business bag dealers, bags distributors and owner of nearly 800 local people attended the event, together with the Xingan bags industry boost fuel. The development of the E-business bags supplier has become the focus of this bag festive.

It is understood, leather bags industry is one of the key characteristics of Xingan country industria, is a major pillar industries of Xingan country. Especially in recent years, new businesses is development, to meet the needs of rapid development of the electricity business supplier, the Xingan county is actively promote the development of industrial clusters electricity supplier, effort construction north, east electricity supplier industrial park. Meanwhile, the Xingan county also accelerate the improvement of the electricity supplier industry chain, and actively integrate capital increase electricity supplier industry training efforts; key construction Jiangxi luggage trading network trading platform, actively docking Shenzhen Electricity Chamber of commerce, build cross-border trade in services with a large platform.

Currently, the Xingan county have a total of more than 160 manufacturing enterprises leather bags, leather bags annual production capacity more than 26 million pieces, with an annual turnover of over 30 billion RMB, arrange employment exceed 10,000 people, 95% of the parts can be self-supporting, form system; and outside the county leather bags production households amounted to more than 1000, opened on Taobao, Tmall, JD and other electronic business platform operated shop has more than 4,000, employing 20,000 people, the marketing network throughout the country. According to statistics, from January to October of this year, this county's 8.6 million bags have been sold in online service, offline sold amounted to more than 1300 million pieces of bags.