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China export bags situation Analysis

02 Dec 2015 -

According to customs statistics, in 2015 from January to September our luggage (HS Code: 4202) import and export amounted reach to $22.285 billion, an increase of 4.7% over last year; import and export amount 2.167 billion pices, down 4.13%. Among them, exports amounted to 20.989 billion dollars, an increase of 4.78%, accounting for 94.18% of the total import and export; exports 2.154 billion, down 4.19%; export unit price about $ 9.74, an increase of 9.37%.

1--9 months, in the China's top three major export markets, Asia and Europe are declining, the North American export growth slowed: for Asian exports 7.339 billion dollars, accounting for 34.97% of total exports, exports fell 2.12%, Among them, exports to ASEAN 1.858 billion dollars, an increase of 30.81%; exports of 5.493 billion dollars in North America, accounting for 26.17%, exports grew 16.33%; 5.213 billion dollars exports to Europe, accounting for 24.84%, exports fell 1.28% .

It is worth noting that exports to Africa is not high, but rapidly growing, reaching 1.187 billion dollars, accounting for 5.66%, exports grew 30.47%.

Affected by exchange rate fluctuations and other factors, notably the sharp depreciation of Brazil, Chile and other countries currencies, Latin American exports amounted to 1.406 billion dollars, the growth rate was significantly lower, down from 18.06% in the first half to 9.32%.